Chalo chai pi aaya jaaye

Chalo Chai Pi Aaya Jaaye

Back during my time in Kolkata;I was really into this twitter thing.I kept tweeting all day all night long.Slowly,I made a small circle of friends there.We tweeted upon different matters and we also responded to our mentions.We shared our views and pooled in our ideas.I’d never thought that this micro blogging site which anyhow messes around with our personal life and face to face relations would acquire this sort of importance in my life.Another story is,I ran out of cigarettes at midnight each day.So did my friends in the PG.So,me and a couple of friends;namely Sidhartha Kaushik and Riddhi Dakshit cultivated this habit of having late night tea and cigarettes.
For this purpose we visited a tea stall near a cancer hospital in Hazra. It was a mile walk from our residence.We went there everyday for having tea,or an occasional “Band Omlette”.One night in the mid january,Riddhi and Sid could not accompany me for the late night tea.I decided to go alone.I was tweeting on  my way.Specifically I was playing a “Tukbandi” game with @funjabi_gabru on twitter.I included almost everything I saw and everything i thought in my verses.Later in the day when i checked;this was what i’d written.
Chalo Chai pi aaya jaaye;
Chote kamre ki giraft se khud ko chhuraya jaaye.
Kuch gaadiyan police ki,
Gasht lagati huyi,
Kuch auratein jism le kar,
Bechne ko jaati huyi..
Faila kyu hai yeh sannata,hua kya hai aisa..
Chalo dekh aaya jaaye…
Chalo chai pi aaya jaaye.
Street light ke neeche
fenka khana khaate huye..
kuch log soye hain footpath pe,
akhbaar bicha kar,bore(Sack) se tan dhaanke huye.
iss gareebi mein bhi chaiyn ki neend ki wajah kya hai;
Chalo pooch aaya jaaye..
Chalo Chai pi aaya jaaye.
Aadhi raat uth khada hua main,
cigarette ki jarurat mein..
nikal pada usko poori karne
Kisi bhi Surat mein..
Janwary ki aadhi raat magar,koi khol baitha kyu dukaan..
Chalo pooch aaya jaaye..
Chalo Chai pi aaya jaaye.
Hai kitni dikkat aur kitni pareshani..
kuch khud se uth kar bhumika padegi nibhani..
kisi Aiek bande ki takleefon ko
chalo magar mitaya jaaye….
Chalo Chai pi aaya jaaye.

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